Several papers in this issue focus on social accountability – perceptions of education staff and students, use of storytelling to achieve deeper understanding, and implementation of new education tools.  A related paper addresses education about planetary health in low- and middle-income countries. In addition, we describe the new 2024-2027 TUFH Strategic Plan which highlights social accountability.

We go beyond social accountability with a pair of papers on influences on career pathways - one looking at high school students and the other at early medical students.   Another set of papers on education innovations addresses impact of active learning methods, reverse role simulation, and virtual shadowing.  Our practical advice paper offers lessons learned in development of mission and vision statements.

With 3 Commentaries, 6 Research papers, 1 Student Contribution, 1 Practical Advice Paper, 2 Brief Communications, and 2 Letters to the Editor, there is a lot to digest.    If you have comments on any of these papers, please send us your letters!

Published: 2024-05-22

The Way Forward for Integrated Health Sciences Degree Programs

Katie Pincura, Matt Lyons, Jeannie Newton-Riner, Charis Davidson, Wendasha Hall, Beth Woodard PhD


Perceived Effectiveness of a Surgical High School Outreach Program on Career Trajectory of Underserved High School Students

Arman Ghafari, Monica Gerges, Alexa Kassels, Aldo Arce, Neda Izadyar, Bruce Gao, Jaime Landman


Virtual Surgical Shadowing for Undergraduate Medical Students: A Pilot Program

Max J Solish, Bryan Abankwah, Aditi Kaura, Michael J. Weinberg


Pilot study to teach residents about EMS scope of practice through reverse role simulations

Sylvia Owusu-Ansah, Kyle A Schmucker, Ashley Keilman, Christine Aspiotes, Natan Cramer


Peer Research Mentoring for Medical Students in India

Devansh Lalwani, Archit Shirpurkar, Ishita Lanjewar, Praatik Parekh, Manav Agrawal, Kshitij Sonawale, Aadya Deshpande